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Maximize the Value of Your Real Estate With Catalyst Property Management

Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals offers services for real estate owners and investors. We have teamed up with Catalyst Property management to provide the best option in Cache Valley to help owners get the most out of their real estate investments. We help property owners to manage their multi family and investment properties. Our services include rent collection, maintenance, property upkeep, tenant screening, tenant placement, and much more.

Using our Property Management Company will not only provide the convenience of property management, but will probably also net you more annual rental income, and will help to maintain the value of our property.

How Cornerstone/Catalyst Property Management Will Net You More Money

Cornerstone Real Estate has a huge online presence that attracts thousands of potential renters every month. Many of these renters are from out of state, and rely on the information we provide, multiple pictures, and online videos, to determine the unit they will rent. We also have a huge pool of potential rentals who are just waiting for the right property to hit the market. They receive emails any time a property they might be interested in becomes available. This huge online advantage yields three ways the properties we manage are more profitable for the owners:

Higher Rent - Because there is more competition looking at each available rental we manage, we receive top dollar for each rent.

Better Tenants - Our large pool of potential renters allows us to accept only the best and most qualified renters. Having good renters makes all the difference in the world in making a rental ownership experience positive. In addition, the prompt attention Catalyst provides its tenants makes them loyal Renters. Some of them will only rent houses managed by Catalyst Property Management.

No Vacancies - As soon as a 30 day notice is received, Catalyst begins to market the property to potential renters online. This online marketing includes all the information, pictures, and videos future renters want. In most cases, a lease is signed and new tenants are ready to move in before the existing tenant has even out.

By not having a month between renters, property owners usually save enough money to cover their property management costs.

Get a FREE - No Obligation Property Management Quote

Catalyst typically charges 10% monthly gross rent for property management services in Logan UT. However, depending on the property being managed, and the number of properties being managed this fee can be less. Catalyst does not charge fees for tenant replacement, or advertising.

If you would like a free, no obligation, property management quote for a property you own in Logan or Cache Valley: Please complete this form:


The Offices of Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals are located in Logan at 1047 S 100W #270 by the Logan River Golf Course. For Property Management

Phone: (435) 787-8683
Fax: (435) 752-4498

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